What is Online DevOps Dojo?

A collection of DevOps interactive learning modules released under the Mozilla Public License 2.0 and leveraging the Katacoda online learning platform.

We are making the online DevOps Dojo available to the community, in the hope they will be useful. Our primary goal is not to offer trainings as a service, but contribute a set of DevOps learning experiences for the community to assemble and create more content in support of DevOps adoption.


Whether you are interested for yourself, the community or your company, you are welcome to fork the Online DevOps Dojo repository - which contains the source of all the modules - to fix an issue, enhance the learning scenarios or even add new ones.

You can also fork this repository, the About DevOps Dojo repository for use as a home/landing page for your learning scenarios.


Feel free to ask a question, report a problem or suggest an enhancement with a GitHub issue.

Privacy policy

Online DevOps Dojo content is fully hosted on GitHub.com and learning modules are executed on Katacoda.com environment. Please make sure that you agree with their respective privacy policies before running the training.

In addition, when going through the modules, you will have to use a GitHub Personal Access Token. Make sure you review the section relative to the usage of GitHub.com Personal Access Token.

Terms of Use

Online DevOps Dojo makes extensive use of Katacoda services, therefore you must adhere to its terms of use: