Online DevOps Dojo - FAQ

I’m trying to right click copy a selection of text (like an SSH key) in Firefox but it isn’t giving me the option to copy.

A. Firefox has been completely re-engineered since we created the Katacoda scenarios and this is something that they’ve broken. Please try using another browser, we recommend using Chrome, while some users report success with IE.

I walked away from my training, and now it’s timed out, why can’t I just pick up where I left off?

A. Katacoda need to protect their resources, and that’s one of the things that helps them offer training at a reasonable cost. Idle sessions tie up resources on their back end, and to prevent resource starvation they time out sessions; so if this happens to you then you’ll need to start over. Hopefully the previous practice will help get you back to where you left off pretty quickly. The Kata in Katacoda is about a pattern of moves that are repeated to build familiarity, so repetition is helpful to learning.

I get an error that pet-clinic is not found.

A. In the Online DevOps Dojo, you need to go through the Welcome module to setup your environment. This includes the creation of a GitHub repository named pet-clinic. If this repository was deleted or you skipped the Welcome module, then you will get a reminder to go through the module again.

I need a new pet-clinic repository: how do I reset it?

A. It’s great to explore! But if you want to reset the pet-clinic repository to its original state, the easiest way is to:

  • Delete the pet-clinic repository: go to, scroll at the very bottom under "Danger Zone", and select "Delete this repository".
  • Go through the Welcome module to setup the new pet-clinic repository.

Usage of Personal Access Token

Some training scenarios are requesting the trainee’s Personal Access Token.

Its purpose is to get access to his account in order to create a clone of the pet-clinic repository in your account, add labels, create issues and allow the trainee to edit files though Katacoda editor during the course of the trainings.

The Personal Access Token is only used during sessions in, which is an ephemeral environment in the Cloud fully deleted after one hour of inactivity and only accessible by the trainee. The Personal Access Token is not stored anywhere else and not shared. This is also a reason why the Personal Access Token is requested at the beginning of every session for the scenarios which needs to access your pet-clinic repository.

Privacy and security is obviously very import to this project. When reviewing contributions that modify the modules, we will ensure that the above is strictly respected.

If you want to check it by yourself, the source code that uses the PAT is located in shell scripts in assets sub-folders of the modules in the repository.

Contact the DevOps Dojo team

Feel free to ask a question, report a problem or suggest an enhancement via a GitHub issue. Please be as specific as possible about what’s going wrong or the enhancement you are suggesting e.g. which scenario, which step, what you tried to do, what you expected to happen, what actually happened, what you would like to see happening.