DevOps @ DXC

DXC Technology has embraced the need for DevOps’ transformation both internally and for our customers. DXC have created and used multiple homegrown Katacoda scenarios to transform our workforce at scale. We now want through the Online DevOps Dojo to give something back and thus contribute to the community from whom we have learnt so much.


DXC Technology had a need, a need for speed!

When DXC Technology launched in April 2017, the new company faced an immediate challenge: how to provide meaningful and engaging training for more than 100,000 delivery employees who needed to use DevOps to digitally transform DXC and our clients.

To that end DXC developed its own DevOps Dojo program, an immersive approach designed to quickly train teams in DevOps principles and practices promoting continuous improvement, increased velocity through automation, frequent cycle changes, and cross-functional cooperation and feedback. Traditional dojos involve face-to-face training, but for the sake of scale and flexibility, DXC developed a set of immersive, web-based interactive training modules.

Our approach and curriculum was inspired by the topics covered by the book Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps: Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations from Nicole Forsgren, Jez Humble and Gene Kim.

The modules in Online DevOps Dojo are a subset of the modules from our DevOps Dojo Curriculum.

The full Curriculum consists of four belts:

  • White: Basic, self-paced interactive training in key DevOps practices (the “what”).

  • Green: Executive-level view of the principles, purpose and importance of DevOps (the “why”).

  • Yellow: Hands-on interactive modules hosted in Katacoda covering cultural and technical aspects of DevOps* (the “how”).

  • Black: Hands-on workshop in which cross-functional teams work with the help of dedicated DevOps coaches, to implement DevOps capabilities and practices in their applications.

Yellow Belt Syllabus

The story behind the creation of the DXC’s DevOps Dojo curriculum was shared at the DevOps Enterprise Summit conference:

Following on from the positive reception DXC’s DevOps Dojo program has received from the DevOps community including 🐱‍👤Gene Kim, we are now sharing an open source version of DXC’s DevOps Dojo entitled the Online DevOps Dojo.

The Online DevOps Dojo is comprised of a selection of key modules from our Yellow Belt DevOps Dojo.

The Online DevOps Dojo is being shared in the hope that people will embrace both the content and the approach. Furthermore we hope that the community will in time contribute ideas and modules to the Online DevOps Dojo.

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